From Arizona we went to our last National Park for this trip, Joshua Tree National Park and then on to southern California where we stayed at Prado Regional Park while Gail visited her sister, Alison.
At Prado Regional Park
While at Prado I shared a picnic with some members of my family, Alex and new wife Victoria, Samantha, and Gina at the table and me with my grand niece, Emma.
From southern California to home was a quick three day trip. We stopped in Camarillo to have lunch with old friends, then a quick visit to Gaviota which is more run down looking, and then spent the night in Paso Robles. From there a boring drive up I-5 to Emigrant Lake in Oregon and then home.
A small Joshua Tree
Some views from a hike out to the east of the campground and by a small spring.
A nice rainbow along the way in northern California
Emigrant Lake is almost not a lake
The End