We were supposed to start this leg a little further south in Kansas and stop in a couple of places before Calvert, but because of our electrical issue, and the fact that it was Sunday when all the RV fix it places were closed, we opted to drive straight through to Calvert where we could stay with my sister and find a repair place. As it turned out, I found the problem and fixed it myself so we did this hard drive for nothing.
Once again we only took a few pictures while visiting family a habit we carried through when we stopped to see Gail’s two sisters. On this leg, we went from Calvert to Austin with a stop enroute at one of my nephews to meet his new daughter. Then on to Brady Lake and Fort Stockton. We had thought about staying in a City Park in Iraan, TX, a little before Fort Stockton, but we didn’t have any cell service there, so on to Fort Stockton.
Brady Lake City Park. The layout of the campsites was a bit hard to figure out, but since we were sharing the place with only a couple of other campers, it really didn’t matter. Two nice sunset pictures and one at at sunrise.
Sunrise on the east side of Fort Stockton. This former KOA campground is one we have stayed in befoe and like it because it has lots of room to walk dogs, as recently added a fenced dog park, and has a small restaurant which makes for an easy break from cooking.
We did, however, get a few pictures of my sister’s grand daughter, Quinn, being inducted into the National Honor Society