Ecotrax is a ride on an electric cart that has two bicycles mounted on top. The rails were laid in the 1880s for narrow gauge trains to carry sugar cane from the fields to the refinery. When the sugar industry left these fields the tracks were left in place and a pair of entrepreneurs came up with the idea of making something that tourists would part with money to ride. I’m not sure what is the Eco stands for. If they had a solar array to recharge the batteries maybe then it could be an Eco but I didn’t see anything like that.
These are the carts/bikes. Yes you can pedal but we didn’t.
Below is a 2 minute video showing some scenes from our ride
Part of the beach at the mid-point of the ride, it continues on on both directions
The TV shows, Lost and Wrecked were both filmed on this beach
Our tour guides, Brittney and Doli preparing our mid-ride snack, fresh fruit and coconut milk straight from the coconut.
That’s all folks. Thanks for looking