The ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland takes around 7 hours. Our trip was a bit longer die to gale force winds and the resulting seas. We got in a little before sunset
Green is east bound. Blue is west bound. Yellow is southbound.
Channel-Port aux Basques
Codroy Valley RV Park
A very typical view of the Trans-Canada in Newfoundland
The Trans-Canada from the top of the zip lines
One of a gazillion small lakes in Newfoundland
Pippy Park in St John’s
At Cape Spear, the eastern most point in Canada and some say the eastern most point in North America which depends on how you define North America I guess. Yes, it was very windy. Reaching this point was one of the primary goals for the trip. The route from here was west and south-with a few detours!
The gift shop is in the building next to the lighthouse at the top of these steps. But it was worth the climb as we each got new jackets plus some other goddies.
The view from on high
Bald Eagles
Some of St John’s famous “Jelly Bean” Houses
The end of the Trans-Canada. Not that there was nay sort of marker.
And the first Trans-Canada (TCH) West sign
On our way back across Newfoundland, we took a detour to see the picturesque town of Trinity (above) and Elliston, home of the Puffins (below).
The small village of Elliston where the Puffins nest in rocks like these. Sadly, the Puffins had all migrated back to sea a week we before we got there.
Elliston is also the “Root Cellar” Capitol of I’ve forgotten-Newfoundland? Canada? But at least we did get to see this nice Red Fox
Our next stop was Gros Morne National Park where our campsite backed up to the sea and we got these nice sunset and moonset pictures
The Viking Settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows
Our drive south from L'Anse aux Meadows was very windy and stormy. The boats are up on the shore because the season is over, not because of the storm
Our last night in Newfoundland, back at Codroy Valley RV park. The next morning we boarded the ferry back to Nova Scotia