Since we have been spending a lot of winter months at Gaviota and because

there are lots of great pictures to be taken there, we have this one section

devoted to Gaviota. Hope you enjoy the pictures and stories.

Our first stay at Gaviota was from November of 2009 through February of 2010. Here are the pictures. Our second stay was from January-March 2011. Pictures from that trip. We returned to the park in January of 2012 for our third visit. We were getting jaded and didn't take as many pictures. Plus, we didn't get evacuated because of any big storms. But, not many doesn’t equal none. See some of what we did take. We took 2013 off to enjoy a Washington winter in our new home. We returned in January of 2014 and took these pictures (among others). January 2015 found us back at Gaviota. Here are pictures from that trip. 2016 Another year another visit to Gaviota 2018 After a year off we are back again