When the NPS closed the North Rim campground early we needed a place to stay before we went to our reserved spot at the South Rim. I chose Wahweap in the Lake Powell National Recreation Area which led to some retracing of footsteps which will really show up on the map on the next page.
After leaving our non-visit to Bryce Canyon, we drove down to Jacob Lake passing through Red Canyon above and by the Vermilion Cliffs of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, right. We passed through a part of the National monument on the next day too.
Jacob Lake campground was a very nice (and full National Forest campground. I have yet to find the lake but there was a nice food truck at the “town” of Jacob Lake where we got some Fry Bread.
We did a down and back to the North Rim before heading to Wahweap. It was our first visit to the North Rim and it wasn’t made easier by having half the parking lots closed so the NPS could repaint them, or something. Some people had told me that they liked the North Rim better than the South, but personally, I find the South Rim to be the better viewing experience. We were surprised to find a small heard of Bison inside the park (but well removed from the rim).
Another shot of the Vermilion Cliffs and a couple from Wahweap.