From Wahweap we backtracked down 89 and with Arizona 64 closed for road construction we had to go all the way down to Flagstaff and then back up to the Grand Canyon. Returning north the next day we stopped for the night at a commercial park in Monument Valley. We had hoped to make the next stop Natural Bridges National Monument but found the small campground full when we go there so we went east to Hovenweep National Monument, which in spite of being in the middle of nowhere had a campground that was almost full.
Some shots from the afternoon. There were a number of Elk in the campground in the afternoon and some deer the next morning
These four were taken the next morning. The one on the top left is very close to being the same as the picture above it which was taken in the afternoon.
Monument Valley. If it looks familiar it is because you have seen it in the movies, mostly older westerns such as Fort Apache and How the West was won. It also was in Easy Rider and Forest Gump
Two of the 3 Natural Bridges. We decide not to stop at the third because we knew this campground was full and we were worried about whether Hovenweep (another first come first served) campground would be full too. Being nervous about this we stopped at a gas station in Blanding and I asked the woman behind the cash register if she knew anything about Hovenweep. She said she had visited there when she was in the third grade. I estimate that was about 50 years ago.
Mexican Hat on the way to Natural Bridges
Hovenweep in the afternoon and evening. The black box is an experiment in taking pictures of stars in a very dark environment. Click on the picture and you can see the stars
Some of the Native ruins at Hovenweep. These were part of a small village about 1200 AD