The day with Cruisin’ Fiji
We left from Denaru Marina. Denaru Island is very near the airport and is home to quite a few resorts.
Fiji is made up of some 300 islands and 540 islets. These are a few that we went by on our trip. The one on the right above is where many episodes of the Survivor TV series were made. There is also one island, or islet, that is just a sandbar. We stopped there to do some snorkeling but someone was filming something there so we by passed it until our return trip. Many of the these small islands have resorts or small tourist facilities on them.
On the left is Monu. We spent some time snorkeling here and then crossed over to Monuriki (or Modriki) which is where Tom Hanks was Castaway and where we ate a very nice lunch
Now some pictures from the snorkeling, starting with our boat powered by 4 very expensive 300hp outboards.
Here we are on “Castaway Beach” getting ready to eat lunch. The picture on the right is after lunch as we sailed away. Storm clouds are starting to show. We went back to sandbar for a short bit of snorkeling so here are some more snorkeling pictures.
There is a nice shallow area around the sandbar and then it drops off VERY FAST!
Storm clouds and rain heading in from the west but they couldn’t catch this boat!