The Fiji Palms in Pacific Harbour and the Coral Coast
The pool as seen from our balcony and the resort’s beach Sunset on one of our first nights there and the restaurant on the property
Upper left looking along the resort from the restaurant. The pool is just past that gazebo which actually houses a hot tub. The island above is Beqa. It has a reef around it the is supposedly world famous in diving circles. We had thought that we might go out there to snorkel but no boats were running as the tourist trade was just rebuilding after the long Covid shut down. The picture on the lower left was the sunset on our last night there. The very thin white line barely visible in the picture above, is the reef that runs along the coast giving it the name of the Coral Coast. If you click on the picture it will expand and make it easier to see the line.
We drove over to Suva, the capitol city, to do a bit of shopping. The little white car is our rental with it’s CFC (Care Fiji Certified) sticker. Also a picture of old and new Suva. The panorama is part of the harbor (harbour in a former British colony).
The coral coast is famous (at least in Fiji) for snorkeling but our resort’s beach was not a good place to snorkel so they recommended we go to the beach at the Warwick resort. Here are a few pictures from that trip.