The Navua River
Our trip on the Navua river, located just a few miles east of Pacific Harbour was one of the highlights of our visit to Fiji. The trip consisted of a 22 km boat ride up the river, a visit to a native, off the grid, village, a swim under a waterfall, lunch, some tubing down the river, and a final return to the boats for the last leg of the trip.
The lower river, wide and slow, then narrowing, and coming to rapids that we will see again on the way down
One of the several waterfalls seen on the trip. The picture on the right shows another, smaller, river joining. It was at this point that we visited the native village.
About 40-50 people live in this village. There are three similar villages along the river and one of them has a small boarding school that the children attend. A couple of the houses had a small solar panel but most lived without electricity. For the most part they live off the land as their ancestors did.
A short ride back down the river took us to this small looking creek. These pictures show parts of the path up to the waterfall.
Here we are in the pool and a picture taken from as close as I could come to getting under the falling water
A short video of the ride up the rapids
Here we are drifting down the lazy river and a video of sliding through the rapids