Camping 2019
Somewhat over 300 miles from the mouth of the Columbia we camped at Daroga State Park. The grassy field in the picture on the left slopes right down to the river’s edge. At the left of the picture to the right you can see an Osprey nest. We enjoyed watching the birds bringing something to the nest.
Roughly 600 miles from the Pacific is the last dam in in Washington, the Grand Coulee which forms Lake Roosevelt
Camped in Roosevelt Lake National Recreation Area
About 80 miles above the Grand Coulee
On the left the Columbia actually flowing like a river again, just below the Canadian Border (a little over 700 miles from the Pacific) and on the right, just above the border.
The route in Canada. The green is the outward bound route. There are a couple of sections that we couldn’t drive along. The first one down south starts at Castlegar where the highway goes up along the Slocan lake and river. It comes back to the Columbia at Nakusp. The second section is in the north on the east side of the Big Bend (the northern most point of the Columbia. We had to go up and back on the same highway to camp up there.
Our first camp site in Canada was at Roseberry Provincial Park which was in the Slocan valley.
Slocan Lake is one of the prettiest lakes we have seen in British Columbia. Unfortunately, the weather and the road didn’t allow for many opportunities to get a decent picture.
From Nakusp the highway runs up the east side of the Upper Arrow Lake as the Columbia is called in this section. For some reason though the highway needs to cross to the west bank and does it by the ferry we are waiting for in the left hand picture. The right picture was taken from the cab because I didn’t feel like getting rained on. I think it would be a very picturesque ferry crossing in other weather conditions.