Canada 2017 Page 3
The Icefields Parkway is so picturesque that it gets it’s own page.
Mountains, Ice, Snow, Trees, Rivers, Streams, and Lakes and on our visit, mostly blue skies. Sensory overload. There is a reason that Canadians quietly claim that the Icefields Parkway is among the world’s most scenic drives. Map 4
Driving south out of Jasper you are driving up the Athabasca River valley. As you can see, the Athabasca is a glacier fed river.
Another roadside bear
Check out the snow cap on these hills
Our camp site at Jonas Creek Campground, part of Jasper National Park. McCoy prowling around.
Not a babbling brook. This was a lot of water coming down the hill in a hurry. On the right is a new attraction, a glass walkway over the canyon.
Mountain Goats
Gail playing with the Golden Eagle at the visitors center
This is the Columbia Glacier. They bus people out on it (a little later in the day). We did this when we visited here in ‘04 and were planning to do it again but the price is now $94 each and the bus first takes you to the glass walkway before taking you to the glacier and it takes 2 ½ hours or more. we decided to pass.
From shortly after the visitors center (worst hamburger of the trip) you are traveling in Banff National Park
More mountains, snow, and lakes. The lake right below is Peyto Lake which is a little off the highway and requires a short, but steep climb hike to see. Worth it.
We had planned to end our Icefields journey with a visit to Lake Louise but the most photographed lake in the world (self effacing folks these Canadians) was very busy and the parking lot was full so we were waved on and ended up back on the highway. So, on to Page 4, the last page for this journey.