Highway 2 to Michigan
The eastward portion of our fall camping trip came off as planned. We followed, more or less, US Highway 2 from central Washington to Michigan and then turned south to spend some time with Brent and Mickey.
We picked up Highway 2 near Peshatin in Washington and went to the end of the road at St Ignace, Michigan. Our second night and our first stop after getting on 2 was off the highway a bit on Lake Roosevelt. After that we were pretty close to the highway on our subsequent stops.
Our first night was in Big Pines campground along the Yakima River. This is a BLM park
Kettle Falls campground in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
We intended to spend the next night at Priest Lake in Idaho but the only campground that was open was a very small one that wasn’t on the lake so we ended up in a fairgrounds campground where they were in the process of breaking down a dinosaur exhibit.
Yaak River National Forest Campground at the confluence of the Yaak and Kootenai rivers just over the western border of Montana.
Whitefish Lake State Park, a small but pretty park right on the edge of the town of Whitefish Lake, Montana which is a pretty town with lots of shopping choices
In the only private campground of the trip near Fort Assinniboine Montana at sunset. For more on Fort Assinniboine see this page.
Still in Montana. Sunset over Wolf Point. We were “camped” in the parking lot of a Harvest Host, the local museum.
A little east of Yaak River was Loon Lake
A monument to Teddy Roosevelt at Marias Pass over the Continental Divide and some early fall colors just east of the pass